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Discover the Caribbean by sea


Leave reality behind and discover the Caribbean. Ideally located to explore the fabulous Caribbean islands

Enjoy paradise at a slower pace. Take the time to appreciate some of the world’s most beautiful islands by sea. Cruise miles of calm turquoise Caribbean seas with Top Yacht charters. Taking in the white sandy beaches and luscious green jungles. You’ll be in good hands whilst you fall in love with the picturesque coastlines, colourful reefs and the laid-back culture.

With 7,000 islands, you will have no shortage of views and places to visit. No two islands are the same, you are bound to find your own favourite tropical gem. Bursting with personality, the Caribbean islands are rich with culture, heritage and traditions. A journey of discovery bound to delight explorers of all ages and tastes.

The idyllic temperatures make the Caribbean a perfect location to charter a yacht. They maintain a hot and tropical climate all year round. With variations across the region, there are more popular times to visit, February and May being the driest season and perfect for your yacht charter.

With beaches lined with palm trees and the unmistakable blue tone of the Caribbean waters, you’ll have access to secluded bays and the chance to island hop with ease. The wide and varied islands offer shimmering waters, vibrant rainforests, warm breezes and the sun shines every day. Whether you’re exploring on of the largest barrier reefs in the Bahamas or island hopping from St Lucia to Barbados, the landscape will be unforgettable.

Depending on which island you visit, you can enjoy a range of activities from hiking, a spot of retail therapy or enjoy delicious fine dining. The possibilities are endless in the Caribbean. Popular past times anchoring up your yacht and trying your hand at water sports or being welcomed by the warm waters. Dive and snorkel to explore the beautiful reefs hidden below and discover the abundance of marine life and shipwrecks. Take advantage of the slower pace of life whilst sunbathing on deck.

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