Yacht charter Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean


Discover paradise white sands and warm clear seas alive with life.

One of our most spectacular and exotic destinations, you are bound to fall in love with this small part of the world. Thousands of islands are dotted across in the turquoise waters. Many of these can only be accessed by sea, making a yacht charter the ideal way to explore this area of natural beauty.

No matter what area of the Indian Ocean you choose to explore, you’ll find long white narrow coastal strips of pristine beaches, lush green forests and clear blue waters. Surround yourself in peace and tranquillity whilst on a Top Yacht charter. A holiday for a slower pace where you can absorb the magic of nature around you and island hop at your leisure.

With endless sunshine all year round, the Indian Ocean is simply spectacular. The mild weather adds to the paradise. However, the best time to visit is December through to March so you can enjoy some Winter Sun.

Along with the astounding scenery, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. Discover the colourful coral reefs buzzing with a variety of sea life by snorkelling. Home to world-class diving, the Indian Ocean is just calling for you to explore under the surface. Swim in the warm waters or bask in the sunshine onboard with a cocktail in hand. You can also try your hand at a variety of water sports in certain locations. If you venture onto land you can find luxury resorts and secluded bays unlike anywhere else in the world.

The Indian Ocean sunshine is waiting for you, find a Top Yacht charter today.


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